Telling Your Story: Cara Putman

Once upon a time there was a girl who desperately wanted to believe she was special. Unique. Loved. She had a family that loved her, but her heart cried for something deeper. As she grew she wondered if anyone could love the parts of her that were covered with warts. The parts that revealed how far she had to grow.

She learned to look perfect. Act perfect. Be perfect. Because in perfection she found a place of comfort. No one could question her…instead she won applause. But sometimes as the wind blew, she teetered on the pedestal and realized just how fragile her perch.

Her heart cried for connection. For the knowledge that she could be. Simply be.

Yet her life was one series of accomplishments. College at 16. Marriage to her Prince Charming at 21. Career. Law School. Children. Dreams come true all. Yet on and on the list…

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