I’m Moving!!

Moving Promo.jpg

That’s right! I’m moving on up …. or at least to another page. And to celebrate I’m hosting a fantastic GIVEAWAY!

Thomas Locke Giveaway.jpg



All you have to do is check out my new blog and enter for your chance to win a copy of both books in Thomas Locke’s new series, Legends of the Realm.


I’m so excited for this new adventure and it promises to be packed full of fun, new posts about my writing (yep, some big things happening!), traveling (tips, pictures, and warnings about why visiting a cemetary with another suspense writer is a bad idea), and recipes (because my teenagers always want dinner??). Oh, and I might mention a thing or two about what life is like as a military wife … after all, I write suspense stories that may or may not have my soldier asking me to change my name. You, know, OPSEC and stuff.

Anyway, it’s been great meeting y’all here and I hope you’ll join me at my new page. It’s easy to remember:


Just that easy!


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