Blue Star Wife Chronicles: PCSing

“Where am I?” 


If you’ve ever seen the movie, Overboard, with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, you might understand why I assumed these were the kids hanging off the cab of the truck. Great movie!!

These are the words I mumbled to myself…okay, not so much mumbled as spit out through clenched teeth as I navigated my vehicle through a narrow, dirt road where a pickup truck raced passed me with kids hugging the cab as they bounced up and down unrestrained in the bed whooping and hollering.

“Where am I?” Our new duty assignment. This was where I would be spending the next two years while my husband served and the kids I start over. This was not our first move. This is our tenth move in just over twenty years in the Army. We are not new to this. And yet we are. Every move is new. New town, new people, new church, new schools…the list could go on.

You’d think after so many moves I’d be used to it but I’m not. Not too long ago our family experienced our biggest move and I was really struggling with adjusting. Everything was so new and different. A friend told me it took her nine months to adjust. NINE MONTHS!! That’s almost half our tour. But she was right. It took me nine months to realize the beauty of my new home and accept the newness as part of my life.

We’ve been blessed to live this crazy military life but it does come with its pros and cons. Normally I make a list of the things I learn about each new assignment location in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way and so today I thought I’d do the same. So here goes:

Things I’ve learned since moving to Georgia:

1. There are some Southern accents that make English sound like a foreign language.


Rapunzel’s mom from Disney’s Tangled.

2. My new fragrance of choice is bug spray. 

3. I will have to embrace my curls frizz. I’m thinking of dressing up like Rapunzel’s mom for Halloween. 

4. Butter might be its own food group. Sweet tea, too. 

5. Alligators are legit.

6. There is NOTHING like Southern hospitality.

I know I’ll learn to adjust to small-town living (pop. 10,000) and everyone tells me how much they love living here so I know my time will come-maybe just nine months from now. In the mean time I’m going to keep adding to the list while I enjoy the nightly lightning and thunderstorms and sip on a glass of sweet tea from the comfort of my air-conditioned dining room (see #2 above).

I hope y’all will come back!

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.44.15 AM

2 thoughts on “Blue Star Wife Chronicles: PCSing

  1. Haha this made me laugh – and made me sad because you’re no longer HERE! I made a list like this when I moved to DC so I know how this goes. I pray that you’ll continue to adjust quickly and that things will go well. Can’t wait til I visit 😉

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