Military Fiction Giveaway

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Military fiction can be hit or miss and I hesitate to read or recommend stories about something so close to my heart. As a military wife I tread lightly when it comes to endorsing fiction that depicts the reality of my life and the lives of my extended military family spread out across all military branches.

This is where author, Ronie Kendig, raises the bar. Her Quiet Professionals Series takes readers on a fictional adventure with Special Forces Raptor team. The authenticity of setting and the rigors of battle-worn soldiers color every page of the story giving readers a “boots on the ground” experience they won’t likely forget. It’s military fiction at its best.


And I’m so excited to giveaway a signed copy of Falcon. The third and last installment wraps up Raptor team’s mission in Afghanistan and promises to keep you turning pages to find out how it all ends. There are lots of chances for you to enter:  Like my Facebook Fan Page,  Follow me on Twitter, or sign up for my blog, and then leave a comment with your email. On May 31 a winner will be announced!



3 thoughts on “Military Fiction Giveaway

  1. Ooh, I love Ronie Kendig’s writing. Thank you for the giveaway and thank you for your families willingness to serve. I appreciate it! God bless!

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