Marshmallows, Subterranean Disorientation, and the Pentagon-say what??

Summer finally appeared today. The day before my children start school. Yes, we’ve enjoyed the unseasonably low temperatures this summer but it would’ve been nice to not need a sweater for most of August.

As I wrap up the month of August I thought I’d share the highlights of the month. It seemed to be the month of reconnection. The kids, hubs, and I hopped into the car for an almost 9 hour road trip to Michigan (talk about winter in the middle of August!) and surprised my best friend who is expecting her second baby any day now. Thankfully our little surprise didn’t bring bambino #2 early.

She is four and her favorite things to do are pick flowers and eat marshmallows before dinner...but only if Uncle Tony is around.

She is four and her favorite things to do are pick flowers and eat marshmallows before dinner…but only if Uncle Tony is around.

We got to spoil princess #1 for her fourth birthday with a big bag of marshmallows-which she can eat before dinner per Uncle Tony. Nothing says love then when a little girl opens a gift and a guttural, “Mawrshmallooows,” erupts from her mouth!

9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial

Next my aunt and cousin came to the Capital for some training and in Flores tradition we enjoyed each other’s company over lots of food. Greek Souvlaki and bison burgers were on the menu as was sightseeing and a private tour of the Pentagon. We loved every minute of our time together and are thankful they came to visit us.

The Capitol Building

The Capitol Building

And I certainly cannot forget my military sister who’s married to another mister. Our families were lucky enough to be stationed in the same duplex at Ft. Leavenworth causing our friendship to become more like family. This Puerto Rican mama was raring to go as she landed in D.C. and took the metro all by herself to L’enfant station. Courageous was she until she stepped out in the middle of pedestrian rush hour and found a nice metro officer to ask for help. I will never forget my dear friend’s plea to, “find my way to the surface.” We walked almost nine miles the first three hours she was here and saw every marble and granite monument, an ancient piece of parchment declaring our freedom and right to be a country, and yes, we’ve got the pictures to prove it. We ended our reunion with sangrias, Spanish Tapas, and very, very loud guitar player and flamenco dancers, which I account for the reason why our waiters could not hear my friend when she repeated, “Do not take my plate, please,” at least five times. Heed this warning-do not take what seemingly appears to be an empty plate from a Puerto Rican. It’s possible you will get your hand stabbed.

Today marks the first of September. As I said before my children will be going back to school tomorrow. This is a big day for our family. Our oldest will be attending her senior year and yes, I have sudden bursts of emotion frequently as I think about her leaving the nest soon….okay, just had another one (sniff). This feels so much harder than when I dropped her off for Kindergarten. The time goes by too fast.

Freshman; Seventh grader; Senior

Freshman; Seventh grader; Senior

On another note, this month is also HUGE for me as a writer. I will be pitching my novel, Unrest, at the ACFW conference at the end of the month in St. Louis. My kids and husband already know the drill-cereal and sandwiches for dinner as I polish my manuscript and pray God will open the doors to publishing.

What were the highlights of August for you? Anything big coming up in September?


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