Is Someone Watching Me?

Our home is under surveillance. The CIA, NSA, and possibly the FBI have been alerted to my computer activity. It was bound to happen. You can’t just Google Al-Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood, Sig Sauer, and terrorism without “big brother” becoming suspicious.

 I’m kidding. At least I think I am.  As of yet I do not believe I’m under surveillance but then again I wouldn’t know it if I was, right? The fun part of writing in my genre is the thrill of watching my characters explore a life much different than my own. Have you ever dreamed of doing something different? I once dreamed of going skydiving and then I had kids.

 But the kind of dreaming I’m talking about is the one that takes you into a world unfamiliar; a career path unexpected; an adventure uncharted. In my current novel my character’s life is turned upside down when she comes face to face with the secretive agency sworn to protect America and one resolved to destroy it.

 As I continue to research information about my plot I find myself immersed in a wealth of information that takes me from the safety of my office and dumps me into the trenches of a revolting country. I get the behind-the-scenes tour as I watch my characters make choices of life and death and I feel consequences of those decisions weigh heavily on my shoulders.

 My goal in becoming a writer is to entertain my readers. To help them explore a world unknown and possibly one they never expected to become a part of. When my family moved to Egypt I was fearful of the unknown-to the point of tears on many nights. But what was waiting for me, what was lurking around the corner was an adventure. The adventure I never expected turned into affection for a country and a people who captivated my life and given me a story of intrigue, corruption, and love.


Here’s where I spend my days safely dreaming up ways to torture my characters for the benefit of my readers. If the FBI, CIA, or NSA searched my home they would see these photos and lots of books and research on terrorism and terrorist groups. Let’s just say my husband is preparing his, “I had no idea,” story.

So my question is this, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? If you could be anything you wanted what would it be and why? And finally, what’s stopped you? 


9 thoughts on “Is Someone Watching Me?

  1. That is good stuff Nat, I am not sure I could just answer those questions off the cuff. Those my dear really need some pondering! I would probably go to South East Asia. or Australia…..I haven’t given up on that yet. I would like to visit the beaches, spend some time rejuvenating and then go rescue the children from sex trafficking! What is stopping me nothing! I am waiting for the right time when God will have “His moment” in my life!

    • South East Asia and Australian both on my list too. Have you read the book Priceless by Tom Davis. It’s a gripping story about an American journalist who finds himself caught up in the sex trafficking ring in Russia. It’s a great book but also convicting. I have a future story idea based off of this but it will involve the United States. That book will begin when God gives me the right words to pen the story!

  2. I would go to South Korea—to pick up Jisoo, our little girl! What’s keeping me back— a court date and a some money but we are working on those!! What I would like to be more than anything in the world—a mom—and soon I will be. Keep up the good work Natalie!

  3. I would go to Poland.
    Visit the towns that my husband speaks of from his childhood. The apartment he grew up in, his grandmother’s farm, the Catholic Church he went to every Sunday, and the school he walked to everyday…even if the snow was knee deep and they had to dig out the doors to get in that morning. Poland (and the surrounding area) is rich with history, I love history, so selflishly I would love to just spend time learning and seeing.
    What is stopping, the 5 little monkeys that I have been blessed with are still young and money (always money…LOL)…but one day my kids will get to see the country of their father and meet all of his family, that I have faith in.

    • Oops, I forgot to answer one of your questions.

      I would be who I am now if I could be anyone…
      I am not rich, I am not famous, I do not make anything anyone would buy but I do have a very important job that I take very seriously…I am a mom, may not be world changing and I sure do mess it up a lot, but it is the most important job I have ever had so I try harder everyday.

      • Being a mom is a very important job!! One of the most important ones, in my opinion, in the world. Imagine where our world would be if there weren’t any moms to care, love, correct, encourage, cheer, and support the very people who’ve made history. I believe being a mom is world changing!

    • What a history you and Kris will be able to share with your children when you take them to Poland. We won’t be living far from there so you will always have a place to stay and I hope that will make it a little easier to introduce your children to their rich family history!

  4. That’s the thing–an NSA computer has probably recorded your transactions, but there aren’t enough security agents to follow up on the tens of millions of Islam-related googles.

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