The Actuality of Reality.



I predict the 2014 Winter Olympics to be the most watched winter Olympics in televised history. Is it the graceful triple lutz that captivates our attention? Is it the jaw-dropping ski jumps that keeps us glued to the television set? Is it the nail-biting speeds of the bobsleigh rushing downhill? Or is it watching the world’s best athletes compete at levels sometimes beyond human ability?

Unfortunately, I’m not sure any of those reasons will be the main reason us, humans, will be fixated on the XXII Winter Olympics. What’s going to keep us riveted is what’s been going on in the preparation of this year’s games. Terrorism.

Almost 13 years ago our own country was rocked to its core from a terroristic act that changed the course of our history and sadly the future with it as well. That fateful day has impacted the world and never more so than in the last few weeks when the location of the Sochi Winter Games came under attack by suspected members of a terrorist group. News reports identifying two women as “black widows” was released putting even more stress on a country desperately trying to reassure athletes, coaches, family members, and tourists alike that Sochi will be a safe venue for all.

The actuality of reality is what Americans have understood for the last twelve years. In a matter of seconds life can change. The reality is these men and women have been training for years, some for a life time, to participate in this opportunity and the threat it could be stolen from them is real. The actuality is that even in the midst of threats made by those set out to destroy, athletes will rise above the threat and conquer. They will achieve their goals, dreams, and come home heroes. But most of all they will follow the example set by the American people-to persevere and live; to never forget; and to always live life to the fullest.

Will you be watching the Sochi XXII Olympics? What’s your favorite sport? Please keep these games in your prayers and may God protect all.




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