Water Pipes of Affection

Happy New Year!! 2013 promises to be an interesting year for my family. A big move back to the United States, kids in new schools, and a new job for my husband. These are just the biggies. We have all of the other new things, dentist, doctor, hairdresser, house, and church. So many new things in the New Year and it leaves me overwhelmed. I’m not a big fan of change. I like comfortable and change makes me uncomfortable. Change stretches me. I’ve noticed the change stretching my children as they have to go into a new school mid-semester and try to make friends when friendships have already been established. It’s a hard thing for a momma to watch.

Settling into a new location leaves me asking complete strangers about where they get their hair done, or what dentist they take their children to. It’s not all bad. When I found out we were getting stationed in D.C. I was overwhelmed with all of the options and choices I would have for gyms, or language classes (remember my Bucket List for this year??). But it seems that the door is closing in my face everywhere I look. The classes don’t meet when I can, the times conflict with the kids schedule, the price is too expensive. It’s been frustrating. All of the benefits of moving back to the States seem to be disappearing before my eyes. What could this mean??

Well, yesterday we had the good fortune of attending the first church on our home church

Jeremiah Burroughs, Puritan Author 1600's

Jeremiah Burroughs, Puritan Author 1600’s

search list (of course, this church came at the suggestion of a friend who once lived in the area). The pastor’s sermon was about God’s determined pursuit of us and in it he spoke about Puritan author, Jeremiah Burroughs, from the 1600’s who compared our affections to running water in a house. He said that there is a main water pipe that runs water through a house. Off of that one main pipe are other pipes that take the water to other parts of the house. If there is not enough water pressure in that main pipe, the other pipes suffer with little to no water pressure at all and have to be turned off so that the water pressure will return to the main pipe-the most important pipe. **This was very apparent in our home in Egypt the last two years as I suffered with little to no water pressure in my shower-ugh!

7639908-metal-water-pipesAnyway, back to the analogy. We are like that main pipe. Everyday we wake up and make a choice as to where we are going to send that water of affection. When the pressure of that main pipe is not enough to feed those other pipes God shuts them down. He closes off the valve and redirects the water back to its main source-Him.

As I begin to put my life in order here in D.C. I’m beginning to see pipes that God is closing off so that I can put more of my affections towards the things that please Him.

Are there pipes (areas) in your life that God has begun shutting the valve on? Maybe you’ve said, “yes” to too many obligations. Maybe you spend too much time on the computer or television. Maybe your calendar is just so full that you can’t seem to find a moment to spend with God.

I pray that this New Year be the year you let the Living Water rush into your life in full force.

Congratulations to Tim, December’s winner in the A Few Of My Favorite Things series!! Check your email for information about your giftcard. 


4 thoughts on “Water Pipes of Affection

  1. God works in mysterious ways. Your low water pressure in Egypt? Might have been a good thing. We had too much water pressure… and it led to a broken pipe in our Maadi apartment, which led to a flood in mid-November. Now it’s nearly mid-January and we’re still living in a Zamalek apartment with the welcome kit and no clue if we’re staying here or going back.

    So your low water pressure could have been a blessing.

    Enjoy the US! I know what you mean about scheduling, prices, etc. That stuff constantly happens to me here in Cairo. Trying to keep battling and get some new projects off the ground. The best to you guys as you do the same!

    • Kat, I heard about your poor apartment. What a mess!! I’m sorry that you are displaced in a place where you’re already feeling displaced. 😦 I hope it gets fixed quickly. Hope your Christmas and New Year’s were good. Did you get to go home for the holidays? Take care!

  2. Great post. My shower has low water pressure which is a bummer. But, I hope I don’t suffer from low pressure when it comes to God. I’m nourished the most when I let Him flow full on.

  3. I have the opposite problem a lot of times. I have moved so many times in my life that lots of times I start shutting off valves before their time, trying to disconnect from everything early. My biggest New Year’s goal is to finish strong, and if there aren’t reminders enough, our Children’s Curriculum is about that very thing.

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