Merry Christmas To All


At this moment I’m sitting at a little table inside of our hotel in Garmisch, Germany. A day spent walking along the cobblestone streets taking in the merriement of Christmas in Bavaria has left me filled with the spirit of the holiday. The Christmas Markets have been the highlight of my trip. Sipping warm gluhwein in holiday mugs and listening to the oompa band play carols make me feel like I’m living in one of those little Christmas villages people decorate their homes with this time of year.

If you’ve read my previous blog you know that my favorite Christmas movie of all time is A Christmas Story, but this season brings out the very best in holiday movies, music, and literature. I love to sit with my kids and watch Christmas movies with the tree lights casting colorful shadows across the room. I love singing Christmas songs with the kids as we dance around the house in our pajamas in the early mornings of winter break. I love pulling out the Christmas decorations and remembering where I got each one or point out the crooked letters of the kids names on each of the ornaments they’ve crafted for me over the years. Unknown

Christmas is so much more than just a holiday. It’s a feeling that brings out the very best in humanity. Mercy. Forgiveness. Grace. Compassion. Generosity. Love. The spirit of Christmas is the very reflection for which the holiday is named-Christ.

joy-to-the-world-1On this Christmas Eve I want to wish you and your families a very blessed and Spirit-filled Christmas. I pray the gifts of the season won’t be the ones wrapped under the tree but will be the ones that make the world a better place.






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