I Simply Remember My Favorite Things…

Today is the second Monday in the month of December and continuing my, A Few Of My Favorite Things series, today’s favorite thing is: Vacations!!

As Christmas gets closer many of you may be traveling back home for the holidays this year. But some of you may be going on vacation. The community we live in here in Egypt is primarily expat (foreigners) and they love to go on “holiday.” I love the term holiday. Holiday means, “a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.” I LOVE that!



One of my favorite vacation destinations is Disney. I say Disney because Land or World, it makes no difference-I love them both. And now I love Disney Cruises! Our family got to sail the Mediterranean Sea with Mickey and Minnie and the rest of the gang while seeing the best of Italy.


Wearing our Bavarian best!

Wearing our Bavarian best!

My dream vacation came true when my family and I traveled to Germany. Maybe it’s my German roots or my love of a cold Hefeweissen and brat? Whatever it is when I walked out of the airport in Munich and inhaled the crisp clean alpine air, I felt like I was home.



I am very blessed to be married to a wonderful man and one of his many benefits is

Ohana always comes together in Hawaii.

Ohana always comes together in Hawaii.

that he is Hawaiian. So many of our family holidays have been spent on the beautiful Hawaiian islands. The Aloha State truly is full of love and they are absolutely focused on family. Cost of living there isn’t cheap so instead of traveling (why would you leave such a beautiful place??) they gather their ohana (family) and show up at the beach, park, or backyards with loads of ono (delicious) food. Watching the keiki (kids) play while the aunties and uncles play the ukelele and dance hula is what Hawaiian style is all about.

These are just a few of my favorite vacations but any time I spend with my little family is my favorite. Whether on foreign soil; at the home of an oversized rodent with animal friends; or sitting around the dinner table in my own home enjoying the holiday.

So what’s your favorite vacation or holiday? Leave me a comment telling me where your favorite vacation is and what makes it so special and you will be entered for this month’s giveaway. 

As always, thank you for stopping by and may your holidays be blessed no matter where you are this Christmas season.






7 thoughts on “I Simply Remember My Favorite Things…

  1. Love this post, Natalie! 🙂 I especially love the picture of yall in traditional lederhosen and dirndls!!

    One of my favorite vacations was last year when I went to Germany and Austria! 🙂 I wore a dirndl too and attended a traditional Kathrein dance. As you did, when I stepped off the plane, I felt like I was home. I learned a word that embodies this feeling, “Gemutlichkeit.” It’s used by Germans to explain a sense of home, comfort, belonging. I like that.

    To hear more about my Germany trip, check out the blog post I wrote last month. Here’s the link:

    Merry Christmas Natalie!

    • Hi Morgan! Gemutlichkeit is the perfect word-now I just need to learn how to say it 🙂 You should’ve seen me trying to convince my husband to wear his lederhosen. It was a first I think, a Hawaiian in Lederhosen. We wore them again for Oktoberfest and he was the only one wearing slippas (flip-flops) with his. HA!

  2. All of them are my favorite in some special way, but some highlights is Christmas in Carlsbad with Tony before you were marries, and you guys being seen by NMMI cadets at Universal Studios, Tony helping me set up Xmas blow ups at house and helping put up snow machine. ?Your kids helping Mom make cookies, and handing them out Christmas Eve. Watching Tony politely add red chile to his posole when I know he really did not care for it but was being polite, now he loves chile. I remember making you and your sibling wait in the hall Christmas day until we set the cameras up, seeing your ear to ear smiles coming around the corner. I remember coming home to 4 crying children, especially Natalie because Phillip backed up his new BIG Wheel and broke our Xmas tree in half., so many more

    • Ooh, that first memory makes me cringe! This being my fourth year without decorating for Christmas makes me sad but Tony knows he is in for it next year. I’m already planning on hitting the after Christmas sales to pick up decorations! Oh, and that last memory made me burst out laughing-you can’t even imagine the stress I was under over that one! 🙂

  3. my favorite holiday would probably be, when we all went to Lebanon (it was my first time), i got to see snow, although we were all wearing t-shirts, it was already melting and very little was left. i still enjoyed it and i saw it for the first time, which when i come to think about, it it’s funny, because my mum is Russian. we went up mountains, i got to see where my dad grew up and the people there are quite friendly. As we were walking down a street once, passing by a flower shop, the man there came out and gave me a rose! love the pictures you posted!

  4. The only two major vacations I have had was Italy and Hawaii and both were equally great. Hawaii was a place to relax, take in the wonderful scenery and view God’s breathtaking work. But Italy was also an escape. As you know civilization outside the U.S is extremely different. So getting the chance to see what a different culture and place is like was amazing, plus it was Christmas so snow peaked Italian mountains was certainly a sight to see 🙂

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