A Few Of My Favorite Things-Christmas!!

Continuing the series, “A Few Of My Favorite Things” this month proves to be the perfect opportunity to share a few of my favorite Christmas things. So here they are (in no particular order):

ImageA Christmas Story. Yes, that is correct!! This is my favorite Christmas movie. I’m a sucker for all Christmas movies and love sitting with my kids and watching them throughout the whole month of December. But THIS movie is the one I force my family to endure for 24 hours straight on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (with a short intermission for the Christmas parades). It’s tradition!



Christmas lights. I love Christmas lights. When I was younger my parents would put the three of us into the car and drive us downtown where we would meander through the neighborhood streets looking at the lights and the luminarias (brown paper bags filled with sand and a lit candle). Nothing says Christmas like thousands of twinkling lights filling the night air.


After fogging up the windows in the car staring at all of the pretty lights my parents would then drive to my Grandparents house (my father’s parents) where we would join the rest of the family for a traditional meal of tamales and posole. The cornhusk wrapped masa with shredded pork and red chile is just what this Southern New Mexico girl misses this time of the year. 


ImageAnd finally, my favorite thing about Christmas is Christ. In the midst of all the hub-bub, materialism, and commercialization of the season, I love remembering the little babe in a manger. Just taking a moment to visualize this scene makes you slow down. Stop. Try it. Right now. Yes, really. Close your eyes and imagine it. You can smell the damp hay. In the background you  hear the sheep and cows shifting nervously at the new guests sharing their home. You step cautiously through the open door and you see them. A father staring breathlessly at his wife and new son. A mother gazing adoringly at the precious bundle of life sitting in her arms. And a warm light, brightly shines upon the face of a small baby. A baby who stirs quietly in his mother’s arms. There He is. Your Savior. My Savior. The world’s Savior-born in a manger. Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season and I pray you and yours will be abundantly blessed.

Just like for October this is the month for my “A Few Of My Favorite Things” giveaway. Leave a comment about what your favorite Christmas things are and be entered for a chance to win a gift card. 

And check out a fellow blogger/traveler at http://www.pensonaworldmap.com to check out my guest article about Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and to check out a few of her favorite things. Happy Reading. 


11 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things-Christmas!!

  1. I LOVE Christmas, maybe too much. It was one of the only times all us kids got to be with our parents at home. Because of that fact, we have TONS of traditions. I will be missing a lot of them this year, my favorite one being my mom’s Finnish Biscuit. She makes it for Christmas and we eat it for breakfast on Christmas day. But I’m sure we’ll love Germany for Christmas as well, and hanging out with you guys.

    • I love Christmas too. This is my fourth year of not being able to decorate. I think Tony may pay for that next year, hehehe. I’ve never had Finnish Biscuits before. I bet their delicious. The best part of living overseas has been meeting the international community and trying foods that are traditional to their home countries and families. It’ll be great hanging out with you and Tim in Germany!! Sledding and hot chocolate-here we come!!

  2. Hi Natalie! Great post! And thanks so much for the shout out! 🙂

    I do love Christmas lights too and stopping to remember Christ’s birth is a much needed breath of fresh air to surface in all the busyness of this time of year. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!


  3. Another great post, Natalie. Coming home for the holidays is one of my favorites as well as It’s a Wonderful LIfe. Traditions are one of my favorite things also, but as with life they evolve into new traditions. Our family being together is the most important when we are able to know matter what time of the year. Biscochitos have become the new tradition in our family for 16 years now and of course the homemade tamales (and the one armed Santa). Even as life changes our traditions, we can praise God for His constant, unchanging love for us. The hope and joy we find in celebrating the birth of Jesus during this Christmas season and throughout the year. I will miss being with all of you this year, but your presence is always in our hearts. All of our love to you and Christmas blessings.

    • Thanks! I know the kids certainly remember the Biscochitos. I won’t forget my face catching on “fire” when I walked by the sink full of red chile. I’m pretty sure I thought I was going to go blind. 🙂 I hope you get all of your holiday cooking and baking done this year. I know the neighborhood appreciates it. Merry Christmas!

  4. After spending many years in retail and experiencing the “commercial” side of Christmas, it’s nice to finally enjoy Christmas with my family and friends. My favorite thing about Christmas is a tradition we started many years ago. This tradition has my dad cooking a Christmas breakfast that always includes his fabulous omelette. It it the one day in the entire year that we hang out in our pjs, drinking hot chocolate or coffee, watching him in the kitchen. This year, the plan is to go to Christmas Eve mass and then drive down to Waialua for breakfast. I can almost smell the “ono” omelette and biscuits. Yum-O. The best part? My children have totally embraced this tradition. It is definitely a memory they will remember of their tutu-man.

    • I love that tradition, Jay!! What a wonderful memory your kids will always have as they grow older. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and commenting. Your name is entered to win the gift card, good luck!!

  5. My favorite memories of Christmas are when us “kids” were young. Dad and his brothers and sisters would all end up at grandma and papa’s after the drive around old town looking at Christmas lights for a warm bowl of Posole and a hot plate of tamales. Us “kids” would raise havoc and grandma would end up “yelling” at us for something…I can still hear her voice in my head like it was yesterday and grandpa laughing it off. Many of my favorite childhood memories involve my cousins, I was blessed to live near them for some of my childhood as they taught me a great deal about love and tradition.

    • Dawn, many of my favorite memories include you and the rest of our cousins. We were very blessed to all live in the same town and for Grandma and Grandpa to be so involved in our lives. I think the road trips to Tulie and the breakfasts in the mountains top my favorite things. Thanks for commenting and your name has been entered into the contest. Good luck!!

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