Renewal in the Rain

When we were assigned to Cairo, Egypt the first thing I did was Google. This, of course, led to WAY too much information and most of it not useful. I found out it was the largest city in the Arab world and Africa (Wikipedia). Along with being mostly desert. I bring this point up because being a girl from New Mexico; I know what living in a desert means. No rain. No trees. And dirt. Dirt. Dirt. Dirt.

When we arrived in Egypt, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that because of the Nile and humidity drifting from the Red Sea and Mediterranean our little suburb, Maadi, was very green. Even more surprising was on our second day being in country it rained. And on the fourth. And on the fifth. That’s a lot of rain for a desert, I thought. Two weeks after we’d been in country it not only rained-it hailed. Yep, this God-fearing girl was now watching for the locusts. They never came, but the evacuation out of Egypt did-one week later (and that’s a whole other story).

I learned a valuable lesson about rain in Egypt. DON’T STAND UNDER A TREE. That’s right. As I mentioned before Egypt is a desert. Desert=dust. Dirt here sits on the trees and when it doesn’t rain that dirt accumulates. Then when the random rainstorm comes all of that accumulated dirt washes off the trees and onto the unsuspecting victim beneath.

What I love about the rainstorms here in Egypt, and rainstorms in general is the sense of cleansing. Renewal. What was dusty and dirty become clean and fresh (unless you happen to be standing under the tree and then it’s the opposite).

As a writer there are many times when I feel dry. Ideas are not there. The words don’t come. It’s like a desert. Those dry spells are awful. So what do I do when I’m parched? Well, believe it or not, some of my best ideas come when I take a shower. At first I thought how odd, but I’ve read that many writers get ideas when they’re in the shower. Not an ideal place since you can’t write anything down when you’re wet and soapy (although I did read about a writer who used crayons to write on the tiles in her shower because she could jot the idea down and then wash it off afterwards) but I think the sense of renewal, the cleansing of my mind helps me to think of new ideas, or how my characters can react to their current situation, or how my setting can make the story deeper.

God sent his Son to cleanse away the dirt from our heart. To renew our lives. To give us a new path. Just like a good rain storm there’s the promise of fresh hope in Christ. On this second week of Thanksgiving, I pray you will be refreshed and renewed.


11 thoughts on “Renewal in the Rain

  1. I find that my best thoughts occur at the moment when I’m just about to fall asleep. All is quiet, there are no distractions and I’m able to think clearly.

    • Oh yeah, that happens to me too. And I find that if I don’t write them down at that moment (because I’m lazy and want to sleep) I will forget it. 😦
      Thanks for checking out my blog!! 🙂

  2. I get good ideas just before bed, too. Also when I’m driving. Lot of curvy roads here, so I definitely can’t write it down then.
    Enjoyed your post! Have a great week.

    • Yes, please don’t write them down while you’re driving, lol. We’re getting ready to move back to the States and I think some phones have a voice recorder. Now if we could figure out how to use it while driving and not get a ticket??? Hmm, there must be something. I guess I could always enlist the help of my children as secretaries. Ha! Thanks for checking out my blog. Have a great week!!

  3. Today’s blog is so representative of our lives. Each day we are covered with dust and then are rejuvenated and refreshed after a shower. So we can begin again. I also enjoy the rain even if it is just a sprinkle, the moisture on the dirt has a sweet, fresh fragrance whether in the desert or in the mountains.
    As an event planner and in my job, I, too thought out most of the details to an event in the shower. I also, enjoy walking. I don’t listen to music as I walk because it gives me time to think, pray or just enjoy my surroundings. Natalie, I enjoy your blogs so much. They have given me a deeper understanding of who you are, allowing me to love you even more and be proud of the woman you have become.

  4. I have often gotten ideas for what I’m writing while in the shower or right as I lay down in bed. But, think about it – those are some of the only times moms have a moment to themselves to think.
    By the way, I was trying to contact you about a writing opportunity. Could you contact me through email? I was trying to locate your email address but was unsure. Mine starts with writer.

  5. Natalie did you actually stand under a tree during a storm. That’s like storm 101 because of lightning!! Just had to tease you for a sec 🙂 My best ideas definetely come during the shower, it is odd how the ideas just flow along with the water

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