Cornflower Blue




Only two more weeks until the announcement of October’s gift card winner. If you haven’t left a comment yet about your favorite book, do so now! In just a couple of days my family and I will be going on a mini-vacation while many in Egypt celebrate Eid Al Adha, so there may or may not be a blog post next Monday. But I’m hoping that I will be able to do an early post with the help of author, Sherri Wilson Johnson, who will be promoting her new novel, Song of the Meadowlark. 

Up until 2 seconds ago I was at a loss for what to write about. But then I prayed and this is what popped into my head. Cornflower blue. Yes, that’s right, cornflower blue. Why? You might be asking, would that pop into my head? Well you see, I’ve been doing some critiques for our writing group at ACFW and it seems that whenever a character is being described, and if they happened to have blue eyes, they are described as…you guessed it! Cornflower blue. After the fourth or fifth critique in which one of the characters had cornflower blue eyes, I started adding a little note for the author, “Is there any other way to describe blue eyes?” Of course, once I submit the critique I rarely hear back about any changes made to the drafts by the author but it left me curious. How would YOU describe blue eyes? 

Until next time-keep writing or reading…or both!


11 thoughts on “Cornflower Blue

  1. The color of the sky after a heavy rain, or how about the color of the ocean on a clear Hawaiian day? The funny thing to me is that only a select few people who are into gardening really know the precise shade and tone of a cornflower, or maybe I’m just saying that because I didn’t really live in the U.S. or England or Estonia (which apparently sports the cornflower as their national flower). I would much rather describe someone’s eyes by something most people have seen like the sky or water or a kid holding his breath about to pass out. Ok, maybe not that last one, but it would be a creative touch, as unconventional as it is.

      • I only thought of that one because my dog’s eyes are that icy blue lol…it would totally be a freaky color on a person however 😉

    • Diego’s eyes are so beautiful. The ocean has so many depths of blue that it would be an easy way to describe eyes. Thanks for commenting Silvia, I really appreciate you checking the blog out! Don’t forget to tell me about your favorite book so I can enter you in the drawing for $15 gift card!!

  2. Chameleon Blue. My, son and husbands, blue eyes change depending on what they wear.
    My latest favorite book: Vertical Church by James McDonald.

    • Hi Machelle! Thanks so much for leaving a comment. My eyes turn green when I cry, a deep olive green. Pretty, but I don’t like that I have to cry to have green eyes. You’re entered for a chance to win a $15 gift card. Good luck and thanks for checking out my blog!

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