Good Morning!

Hard mornings. They are common in my home. No matter how hard I try, there are some mornings when I struggle to get out of bed with a good attitude. It may be the knowledge of facing a hectic schedule or the stress and burdens carried over from the day before.

Those hard mornings can ruin my day. I have had to find a way to counter the morning blues. When I wake up in the mornings I say a quick prayer thanking God for the day. “This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it,” I tell myself. On particularly hard mornings I need to repeat it, over, and over again before I crawl out of bed.

Starting my morning with prayer and praise are healthy. Healthy for my spirit; for my attitude; for my day.

Recently, I’ve played this song, by Mandisa for my children in the mornings. The beat is good, the message is true, and before we know it we are up and dancing to the words. It’s the perfect jump-start to a good morning. God has given us another day to be blessed.

I’ve attached the song and I pray you are blessed too! Have a good morning!!!



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