The Adventure Begins.

Moving to a location like Cairo, Egypt is not what I would call a routine military assignment or even a routine job relocation opportunity. At least it never was in my mind. When we put the Cairo assignment down on our “wish list,” there was something deep down in my spirit that told me we were going to get Cairo as our next duty assignment. When it was confirmed I did what every normal person does when they get extraordinary news that can potentially change their lives-I “Googled.”

I scoured the search engine asking everything I could about Egypt. Big mistake! There is a quote I read about how having too much information can be harmful to your health, and after all the information I found online, I believe it to be true. By the time my husband got home from work I was a basket case filled with information that spilled out of my mouth as the tears sprang forth from my eyes. What were we thinking going halfway around the world?

It took some coaxing from my husband for me to calm down enough to release the computer mouse from my death grip. It then took him calmly looking into my eyes and reminding me that we prayed for God to lead us to where He thought we needed to be. The answer, through the means of the U.S. Army, was Cairo, Egypt. He reminded me that I had to have faith in God’s plan for our lives and that I needed to turn off the computer.

He was right, and I knew it. The tears stopped but the seed had been planted. I had no idea that the enemy had begun to sow a weed of doubt within me. It would take days, weeks and months for this weed to develop and the enemy was willing to tend to it everyday.

I haven’t kept up with my blog and there are many reasons I can point to as to why. But the truth is, that since my move to Cairo, that weed the enemy planted all those months ago has done a good job choking my faith, trust, courage and most importantly, my relationship with the Almighty. That truth has kept me from writing because, like Moses, I am not equipped to do this on my own. I need God to be involved in my life and my writing. After all He is the one to whom I write to.

God and I have got dirt underneath our nails and we are working continuously to uproot that weed. It is taking time more time than I expected and I am not sure how long the process will continue to take. But I know this, next to that weed God has planted news seeds. Seeds of faith, joy, trust, courage, peace, and with diligent observation of the Master Gardner I am hopeful that one day that weed will be choked out.

I am prayerfully recommitting myself to writing in my blog and keeping it updated weekly. I hope that by recording my journey it will keep me accountable to God, myself, and to any readers that may follow along.

My story began when we got our assignment to Egypt and it has not quite ended, although there were times when I thought we were pretty close. Each week I will continue my story and pray that God’s glory will be evident through my writing.

Until next week…


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